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NEWS : Alessandro Costanzo, Same Green, Same Sky

Inauguration of the site-specific installation
Alessandro Costanzo, Same Green, Same Sky

Sun 6/9 : 2-6 pm

The project consists of imaginary projections between Sicily and Belgium, intersecting with the filmed perception of these immobile witnesses of movements and migrations which are the trees of our gardens.

Continuously, visits of the garden and of the house, entirely conceived and designed by Henry Van de Velde

In the framework of Rendez-Vous au Jardin, an initiative of the Echevines of Culture and Green Spaces of Uccle, supported by the Collège des Bourgmestre et Echevins and in partnership with CIVA

The work stems from a reflection on those who have never moved, materially or psychologically, from their place of origin, and/or who, even when traveling, have always lived in the shadow of their ’nest’, forging their own vision of the world from the window looking onto their garden.
In a way, those who live without shifting their mind to spaces of otherness, develop a kind of deeply-rooted environmental point of view, unchanging and confined, akin to the one that could or might be developed by a plant...One might argue that the immobility of plants could correspond to the isolation of those who have no eyes to look beyond a horizon of stereotypes or prejudices, even if some kind of deep liberty can also develop out a deepened gaze, albeit in a limited environment.
These wandering thoughts were the starting points of the installation, whereby a kind of processual “liberation†of the plant’s gaze through a camera integrating its vegetable intimacy and thus generating a hybrid being, capable of transmitting confidences and visions to a foreign audience via an online platform.
In parallel to this, a sound installation installed in the house combines the fragments of two interviews carried out with persons who never, but very occasionally, left their place of birth, one in Sicily, one in Brussels.
Both were invited to imagine a land alien to themselves, the one so familiar to the other.
The intertwined linguistic abstraction created by the combination of excerpts of their respective interviews, halfway between French and Sicilian, highlights the specific relationship they developed with their respective place of origin, whilst giving birth to a surreal dialogue, where they reveal intimate thoughts and projections.

Inauguration de l’Installation site-specific dans le jardin de
Alessandro Costanzo, Same Green, Same Sky

Le projet consiste dans le croisement des projections imaginaires de deux personnes sur les ailleurs respectifs que sont la Belgique et la Sicile pour chacun d’eux, en les croisant avec la matérialisation de la perception de ces témoins immobiles de multiples migrations et mouvements que sont les arbres de nos jardins.

En continu :
Visites du Jardin et de la Maison, entièrement conçus et dessinés par Henry Van de Velde

Dans le cadre de Rendez-Vous au Jardin, une initiative des Echevins de la Culture et des Espaces Verts de la Commune d’Uccle, avec le soutien du Collège des Bourgmestre et Echevins et en partenariat avec le CIVA.