Alec DE BUSSCHERE : Imusai Robert Florence Purvin

Fascinated by the multiple projections allowed by web identities and aliases, Alec De Busschère has gathered a list of fictitious names generated by CAPTCHAs, the challenge-response tests used on the web to determine whether or not the user is human.

These were in turn the starting point of the paintings which he recently developed, and can be apprehended as both virtual characters and spaces of projection.
For this exhibition, the framework of Maison Grégoire and the virtual existence of four characters with names derived from his CAPTCHA list are integrated as new elements in his Unexistant project begun in 2013.

Of the three principles of dramatic construction, only unity of place is upheld in these works, while unity of time and action are not. But for now, let us introduce at first the main actors of the exhibition :

Name : Imusai Make
Date of birth : 28/07/1955
Email :
Profession : Businessman
Place of residence : between Tokyo et Paris
Height approx. 215,15 cm.

Name : Florence Guelive
Date of birth : 07/03/1986
Email :
Profession : Interior Architect
Place of residence : Brussels
Height approx. 202,5 cm.

Name Robert Fivith
Date of birth : 30/03/1963
Email :
Profession : Art dealer
Place of residence : Berlin
Height approx. 192,5 cm.

Name : Purvin But
Date of birth : 17/04/1983
Email :
Profession : Dancer, choreographer
Place of residence : Miami
Height approx. 215 cm.

These characters acted a starting point for texts / dialogues written by 4 writers and interpreted by 4 actors, which we would like to thank herewith :
Philippe Bertels, Corinne Bertrand, Fabrice Boutique, Jean-François Brion, Stéphanie Desmaret, Laurent de Sutter, Camille Lancelin, Peter Russell

The outcomes of this polyphonic composition are very distinctive in character and will be put to the disposal to the visitors in varying configurations, allowing for different immersive experiences into fictional spaces open for your individual projections.

It is your turn now !

Alec De Busschère is a Brussels-based artist.
He co-founded what is the oldest artist-run space in Brussels Etablissement d’En Face, which shortly preceded Maison Grégoire.
His multimedia and poly-faceted practice has always been directed towards dilating/expanding the spatio-temporal framework of the White Cube. Through the seminal and recurrent use of sound elements and virtual extensions, exploiting their narrative potential, his works often open up spaces of mental projection.

Opening on Saturday 27 January 2018, 3 -7 p.m.

Exhibition open on Saturdays, 2-6 p.m. and by appointment
from 27 January until 10 March 2018

Maison Grégoire
292 Dieweg
B 1180 Bruxelles

All photographs attached :
copyright Kristien Daem, 2018